mercredi 22 novembre 2017


Report of this activity will be next on line in our french website 
dedicated to European projects

Students went the 21st of November from the Bay (city centre; next to the High School) 
to Erromardie beach, 4 kilometers far away
(northern part of the town) and they had to take videos in order to study 
the morphology of seashore (Geography) and they also did collect evidences of animal presence (Biology).

 A guided visit was done with the Help of experts from the
"Centre Permanent d'Initiatives pour l'Environnement"
Mr Allistair Brockbank and Mr Jon Frahier.
 Rushes will be collected, teams will have to assembly its and to answer to some easy questions (in english) to product a very short movie (5 minutes). 

These movies will be implemented in the FORUM NATURE+CULTURE Twinspace, 
so that other schools involved in the E+A (Noah) partnership may see its...

Only transnational production or best of national ones will be uploaded
in our common public portal 
the E+A (Noah) spot

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