samedi 17 novembre 2018



Please you to remember that your pupils (as well as yourself) can upload some contents in E+A closed facebook group... (as soon as you enlist them in the group)...

but also in our E+A Noah website !
Access is easy to "CARTE BLANCHE" section: one id and one password were given for each partner. The international coordinator can give it to yo again, or even change it if you ask for.

Last editions: A part of the powerpoints made by French team before C2 study travel are now online and you'll see its, and also the animals choosen like a personnal emblema by the students clicking on "Carte Blanche" tab.

UPLOAD ONLY COMPRESSED PICS and let the files  in carte blanche folder.
DO NOT UPLOAD ANY SLIDE BUT "IFRAME" in order to incorporate some files you would have first put online in any cloud you want.

Merci aux porteurs de projet de bien vouloir se rappeler qu'ils peuvent (tout comme leurs élèves, pour peu que ceux-ci soient inscrits dans le groupe) publier directement des contenus sur Facebook dans notre groupe fermé...

Mais aussi dans notre site public : E+A (Noah) !
Il est possible de déposer des fichiers dans la rubrique "carte blanche" en se connectant dans la section HOME (un identifiant et un mot de passe vous ont été attribués, mais vous pouvez me les redemander ou en solliciter un autre) puis en cliquant sur "écrire un article".

Ont été publiés tout récemment dans la rubrique "carte blanche" : une partie des diaporamas préparés par les élèves français en vue de l'échange C2 mais aussi les images des animaux qu'ils avaient pris pour emblème personnel.

N'insérez que des images au format compressé (que vous rangerez uniquement dans le dossier Carte Blanche).
Ne cherchez pas à télécharger des vidéos mais insérez simplement un lien de partage vers votre chaîne Youtube (ou Vimeo).
Ne cherchez pas non plus à placer sur le site des diaporamas mais recopiez dans votre post un lien d'intégration pour incorporer votre fichier préalablement rangé dans un cloud (à votre convenance : One Drive par Microsoft par exemple).

lundi 12 novembre 2018


Study travel C2 in Romania is finished. Thanks a lot to Ramona and Monica for the organization. You can see the outcomes and a narrative report in our Coordination website 
 (please you to click on the picture:)

Main output is the transnational movie about Biodiversity in Romania and the short terme ecvhange's activities. It will be soon uploaded in our Transnational spot E+A (NOAH)...
As also R2 and C2 Follow up elements in NBE+.

samedi 10 novembre 2018


Three important things must be implemented before March to respect the deadlines, due to the important Progress activity Report to be addressed to the Commission: the Project Manager has to write the global report before the 1st of March. So the French driver -acting as the IC - need your datas before the end of february, even if some of you will have perhaps a little more time to do their own local reporting tasks for their national agency.

Les porteurs de projet doivent s'efforcer d'atteindre trois objectifs importants avant la fin de l'hiver dans la mesure où le chef de projet doit remettre  un rapport global sur la qualité des activités menées dans les trois pays, en tant que coordinateur international du partenariat. Ce rapport intermédiaire sera en effet remis en France le 1er mars et c'est donc avant cela que toutes les données devront avoir été collectées  (même si une date-butoir plus lointaine peut avoir été assignée par ailleurs aux coordinateurs nationaux par les différentes agences Erasmus+ pour ce qui concerne leurs propres remontées)

1°/ Students bulk productions must be uploaded in our Twinspace 
This action has been planned in C1(France) and was confirmed in R2 (Bulgaria). So, people must use the MATERIALS section and put things online in the dedicated folder (one for each participant school).
We are waiting for pics, movies (rushes) or presentations. Il you have published these sort of contents in your local website, you can insert a link to your site.
NOTE: Videos must be first edited in your Youtube channel (or the students' ones) and only teachers can insert a video link as eTwinners. Slides or pics must be first uploaded to a cloud and then shared in the Twinspace (to avoid all the problems to compress files).

N'oubliez pas que toutes les productions "en vrac" et notamment les videos non montées (rushes) sont censées être à disposition dans notre Twinspace : chaque pays y dispose d'un dossier spécial dans la rubrique CONTENUS/MATERIALS.

2°/ Best local productions can be valorized using CARTE BLANCHE section in our public portal
E+A (NOAH) and a direct way to perform it is to use the special ID and the password given to your school.
Please you to upload some "light" pics in the special Carte blanche folder in order to publish suitable posts. If you want to disseminate your best practises in NOAH, think you must to insert in your post some links to your personnal cloud or to  a youtube channel to show your best videos or some powerpoints you have made. Do not forget to warn the webmaster if you want your post to be seen by people since you need a moderator to valid your uploads.

Merci de valoriser vos meilleures productions locales en les partageant dans la rubrique CARTE BLANCHE du site NOAH plutôt que dans ce blog réservé prioritairement aux échanges entre les professeurs pilotant le projet.

3° / The Quality Control has to measure if the activities we are carrying out are the ones we planned and if results are good enough, so our Follow up process must to be well implemented before 2019 will begin.
Please you to read our applicant form online clicking:!AlpaeIyucZ7Xi0Fet9BIzTdcgjOu

Trouvez ci-dessus un lien vous permettant de relire notre candidature commune afin de préparer plus efficacement le  processus de suivi et de contrôle qualité.

Tous ces points seront repris dans la prochaine note de coordination internationale jointe aux questionnaires de satisfaction concernant R2 et C2, avec d'autres concernant le film de fiction à réaliser l'année scolaire prochain et quelques considérations concernant notre communication numérique interne, laquelle n'est pas suffisamment performante pour l'instant. Il est clair que faute de disposer d'un groupe what's app commun à tous les porteurs de projet il faudrait au moins que tous les professeurs portant le partenariat et/ou impliqués dans des échanges ou rencontres  soient présents dans le groupe fermé Facebook e+a  et utilisent "messenger", faute de quoi se mettre d'accord pour décider des heures et modalités de repas ou adapter l'agenda en cours de mobilité est très compliqué

All these points will be included in the next international coordination note (attached to the satisfaction surveys concerning R2 and C2) with others notes concerning the fiction film to be produced in the next school year and some considerations about the bad level of our internal virtual communication. Having not a What's app group common to all the project holders, we need at least all the teachers (as also the most possible of the pupils) to be involved in the closed group facebook e + a to be able to use "messenger" apply, in order to share contents easily or to adapt the progamme during a mobility. 

Mersi mult to Colegiul Economic Iulian Pop and Mrs Headmistress Stanca Vescan for the second short term exchange they have organized for us. Good classrooms inclusions and cooperating activities, amazing visits....

vendredi 12 octobre 2018

Bulgaria_First year activities (E+A (Noah)


Project holders have had some talks in Dobrich (during R2 seminar) in order to implement ITC tools  to make the pupils be involved in the "erasmusplusanimals" project. 

- Reminder: We want them to be enlisted asap 
in our Twinspace FORUM NATURE+CULTURE 
(they may deposit in this coworking space some rushes, wich will be used later to make transnational movies).

- We 'd like them to post contents in the
 NOAH transnational spot so they keep in touch !

To freely upload something in "CARTE BLANCHE" section:

Romanian team ID is carteblanche4
Portuguese team ID is carteblanche6
Bulgarian team ID is carteblanche5
The password was given to the project holders.

Note that the  uploaded materials will be edited by the project manager (to be presented online only to peers, or to all the audiences).
Big contributors interested in will have in a few time a personal ID, if it's necessary.

A way to make pupils begin to post in NOAH spot is to ask them to send a little presentation 
(as it was made by some of the French students)

First challenge is to write a short english text and to add a pic. You must connect yourself and open your profile. Then, you click on "HOME"tab to "create a post/article".
To put a picture after your text you must click on the window (among the tools in the top bar) and choose one in the "carte blanche" folder.
To upload the new original pic you need in this folder (do not forget you have to choose a lightweight file) please you to click on "Blog options" tab then on "upload image" button.
Do not try with a video, because  another methodology is most useful in this case (implementing a link from your Youtube channel, for example).

samedi 6 octobre 2018

R2 SEMINAR IN DOBRICH - PROGRAMME made by Bulgarian Team (Hristo Milushev)

Profesionalna gimnaziya po veterinarna medicina
'Prof. d-r. Georgi Pavlov'
bul. 25-septemvri 98, 9300 Dobrich, Bulgaria
e-mail:, tel./fax +359 58 602566

2nd Transnational meeting
E+A (NOAH) : Nouvel Ordre écologique, L'Animal et l'Homme dans la culture européenne, une question de civilisation....

R2 from the 08th to the 10th of October, 2018 

Monday, the 08th October 2018
10:30 Getting to know Dobrich- The Old Dobrich; The ethnographic house; The Nature of Dobrudzha Museum, Church, Town park
13:00 Lunch
Official meeting: Discussion about the activities already carried out and future plans. Comparing and sharing strengths and weaknesses of the project. First year deadlines checking
19:00 Dinner

Tuesday, the 09th October 2018
9:00 Going to Balchik
10:00 Visit to a bio farm in Balchik (food, selection, WORKSHOP W2)
11:30 Visit to the Botanical garden and the Palace in Balchik (WORKSHOP W3)
14:00 Lunch
15:00 Visit to Cape Kaliakra (WORKSHOP W4 Via Pontica- the migration route of birds)
17:30 Visit a dairy farm (WORKSHOP W5, modern farm)
20:00 Dinner (The Old Dobrich Traditional restaurant, booked, given)

Wednesday, the 10th October 2018
9:00 Viist Dobrich municipality
10:00 Going to Varna,
12:00 Fiesta Dolphinarium, Varna
13:00 Varna Cathedral
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Free time in Varna
19:00 Project evaluation, documentation (coordinators);
20:30 Dinner
End of the meeting Departure of participants
Thursday, the 11th October 2018
01:00 France (flight at 03:50); 11:00 Portugal (flight at 13:30), Romania ?


Transport- we hired a 20-seated mini-bus - free
Farewell dinner (09.10) - given, free
Other lunches and dinners- will propose you eating places, not expensive, max. 5-10 euro as follows:
08.10 Lunch (Traditional Bulgarian Cuusine) around 5-6 euro
08.10 Dinner (Bacardi Club) around 7-8 euro (delicious different sandwiches/burgers + cake + a drink - coctails 50% discount on Monday)
09.10 Lunch (restaurant Veroni, Balchik, around 7-8 euro)
10.10 Lunch (self-organized)
10.10 Dinner (Pizzaria Uno, around 10 euro)
Most eating places you can pay by card
Cash payment for all entrances 1 euro= 1.96 lv.
Historical museum, The ethnographic house, The Nature of Dobrudzha Museum- 8 lv. per person (4euro)
Botanical garden and the Palace in Balchik- 14lv. per person (7,5 euro)
Cape Kaliakra- - 3 lv. per person (1,5 euro)
Varna museum of archeology- 10lv. per person (5 euro) don’t have time to visit,I think

Fiesta Dolphinarium, Varna- 20lv. per person (10 euro)

mercredi 3 octobre 2018


French students started to make a little presentation of themselves to open the new CARTE BLANCHE section in our transnational public website E+A (Noah). 
The idea is that every participant in the project will post a little message to give his name, a very few informations about who he (or) she is (you are not obliged to give your family name and too many details).
But you have to choose the best animal to be your personnal emblema. 
It could be a funny way to create a first contact..

An ID and a password were given to French and Romanian students during C01(help to our friend Olivier Pautrel). Project holders have a meeting next week so Alcochete and Dobrich team will be involved in this game. If they agree with !

Chacun des élèves impliqués dans le partenariat "Erasmsplusanimals" est invité à écrire un message qu'il pourra publier dans la nouvelle rubrique "CARTE BLANCHE" créée dans notre website transnational E+A (Noah). Il s'agit de se présenter (en Anglais et en deux mots) et surtout de dire quel animal on aimerait être, et si possible de préciser pourquoi. Un texte très court, de deux à trois lignes tout au plus, est attendu. Des identifiants et mots de passe ont été donnés aux élèves Français et Roumains qui ont fait ensemble un atelier numérique lors de l'échange C01. Après le séminaire R2 toutes les équipes en disposeront à leur tour. L'idéal serait que tout le monde se soit identifié avant C2 !