dimanche 25 février 2024


Introductive international note IC8 / C's.G note de cordination internationale 8 
 Le 25 février 2024

Bonjour / HELLO ! Since the ACMÉ project is not dead but was reloaded to start again as a remotely implemented partnership (to be carried out till next summer in order to support our application) and because it is the same team and our third common attempt to be selected (the last one but not the least, I hope so!) I considered this first note was actually the 8th Please go online see the page where French team putted some details about the local background of each work package https://nbeplus.franceserv.eu/C%27s.Gmonitor3.html. You can give me the same information concernnng your High school usng the excel table given with this mail. I belive these important datas are missing and must be completed as soon as possible to avoid the evaluator judge us badly. At the same time, my intention is also to add contents on the page, about our indicators to measure the impacts ; you can provide your ideas if you have. Moreover we'll add a plan to summarize our MOOC project and perhaps I wil come back to you to deal with this issue. Find an abstract ot the Applicant Form (written in French in the original formate). Try to be registered inthe EPALE system and to go back to the eTwinnings (now located in the ESEP hub) Best regards ! 

P-L Vanderplancke 

To all contact persons were also given by mail
2 the AGENDA (Timeline of mobilities and work packages, deadlines for the activities)
3 the GANTT CHART (all the main project holders identified before the start of the project)
4 the LOGICAL FRAMEWOK (a paper to understand the context of funds dispatching, quality following process and  activities designing - showing the relation between the priorities of the EU, our general objectives and the specific aims we used to make the WORK BEAKDOWN STRUCTURE of the partnership)
5 the OUTPUTS AND DEADLINES book (the descriptionof our intellectual outputs or deliverables and theproduction planning)
6 the REFERENTIEL (goals Repositery) useful to check the relevance of the tasks and to measure the Quality

mardi 23 janvier 2024

ACMÉ remote activities planned for 2024 / Leads for a new cooperative partnership


Bonjour / HELLO !

The ACMÉ project restarts in 2024, but it will be available in a remote version, thanks to two eTwinning projects supported by the Lycée Maurice Ravel.

This is SEE.SHORE (formerly called Water.Worlds) created to contextualize our teachings and open the school internationally and FORUM.NOAH, more focused on supporting European cooperation linked to the protection of Biodiversity and the environment.

A small group of French students aged 18 and enrolled in Technical Last Class will produce, as part of the ACMÉ project, a small magazine devoted to engagement in civic, associative and/or professional life: it would be interesting to plan (towards the month of May) one or two online workshops (videoconferences) to discuss the subject with high school students learning French (in Romania, Italy or Portugal?).

Another group made up of students in the General Terminal (18 years old) and high school students specializing in Philosophy (HLP) or History (HGGSP) will produce small debates broadcast on the school ccity's podcast site: this which could lead to one or two videoconferences in English (again, in April or May?).

I encourage you to register on ESEP in order me to be able to invite you to formally participate in these two eTwinnings, even if, concretely, we will be able to work without the tools provided by this system (the Twinspace and photo galleries, the old historical functionalities such as “chat” being a priori no longer available) and if registration is complicated – it takes a long time and validation by the national agency so that I can apparently find you in the ESEP contacts.

The goal is to maintain a link between us to allow you to participate occasionally, if you wish, in the ACMÉ project this year and, above all, to support the joint application, submitted but not selected last year, which we would like to repropose in March.

After having tested the application twice as an association, we wish to return to a classic inter-school application coordinated by the Lycée Ravel. Since 2015, we have in fact proposed five of which have all been selected; we hope it will be the same this time.

This new version described in note number 5 as:

COOPÉ application / KA 220 to be presented

with Praha, Dobrich and Cluj-Napoca

and with other partners from Türkiye and Poland

will probably need to be edited a bit and its name changed. For the moment this new outline of partnership would be called CITIZEN.GAIN and would remain focused on the speech, although with the introduction of role-playing games.

Before talking about it again (you must consult the new call for projects before understanding the expectations of the new ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME period) it is necessary to know who among you would be interested. Or you wish to wait for a new application postponed to next year ?

Official start of the partnership in November or December 2024

first mobility in France in May-June 2025

after an online collaboration phase

most activities and mobility in 2026

official end in October or November 2027

mardi 10 octobre 2023


 Parmi les ateliers-débats


(ACMÉ devrait se décliner en 2023-2024 sous la forme d'une coopération à distance (partiellement portée par l'eTwinning FORUM.NOAH) puis déboucher sur un partenarait de coopération interscolaire, la proposition d'en faire un projet intersectoiriel autour de l'asociation ILARGIA ayant échoué).

le 9 octobre

Special workshop dedicated to photographs and filming by Louis Fabriès introducing Be.Bo.P cooperation and the future partnership centered on Citizenship we wish to found...

Les visioconférences en classe :

(Première 5 et classe du lycée économique "Iulian Pop" de Cluj-Napoca) Mercredi 11 à 9h45

(HGGSP et classe du lycée maritime "Ulusoy" de Çesme) Mercredi 11 à 11h30

(Terminale G6 et classe du lycée [ex-IPS] Stendhal de Rome) Jeudi à 10h30

participations de membres du lycée de Montijo et de l'école secondaire de Baldone

jeudi 24 août 2023

ACMÉ6 note: leads for a simplified partnership


PPS.ACMÉ 6 / IC note 6 - Le 24 août 2023

Hello everybody:

our new project is almost ready to become an application for a simplified partnership we should quickly deposit : before the 4th of october. 2023.

^^ click to enlarge ^^

You can find in attachment (in your mailbox) the Roadbook presenting our aims and the timeline.

Please check in and tell if all is okay and clear enough in your opinion.

Concerning mobilities, three short-term exchanges are planned :

C1 in France related to frontiers and interregional cooperation, C2 in Poland connected to intra and international relations problems (Solidarities) and C3 in Türkiye which is a good place to talk about the help to victims and the strength owned by civic communities to overcome disasters of all sorts (Resilience). Perhaps R3 may be a concrete meeting (in France or elsewhere, depending of remaining funds from the NGO).

We think some of our experts in C1 may probably come from Romania (Mircea about religion and civic duties) and in C3 from Bulgaria (duties towards Life). The question is to be sure invited people are free to make a study travel in the same time they are supposed usually to be in school.

Take care: I am sending to you in the same time this message is delivered the Declaration your boss is obliged to sign to validate our common application hoping he/she is confident enough to take a decizion from your expertise and what is actually published online about the project http://nbeplus.franceserv.eu/amontACPPS.html

(Agenda, objectives, work packages and Gantt Chart)

I d like to transmit our papers as soon as possible since we'll be too much busy to have many talks about in september and the computers in Brussels may be out of order. Even if we know only a very few number of simplified partnerships will be accepted by the French representatives of the UE commission (perhaps 15 or 20?) it's important to try again. No renouncement !


P-L Vanderplancke


POST SRIPTUM : in any C mobility the target is : 10 pax/a school, with a minima of 8 people (2 T + 6 S) ; pupils taking part to the project : one group of 16/17 years old in 2023 2024, the same group the followin