vendredi 22 juin 2018


Le 15 mai, un groupe d'élèves de chaque classe est allé voir un des musées naturels sur les vestiges des dinosaures, au Portugal, un endroit proche de Fatima (10 km) - Monumento Natural das Pegadas dos Dinossáurios da Serra de Aire - une ancienne carrière appelé " Pedreira do Galinha" , au centre du pays, avec le professeur de Sciences Naturelles. Après, tout le monde a vu les grottes de Serra d' Aire e Candeeiros, dans le Parc Naturel. Une des sept merveilles du pays.On apprend tous les jours.

Students from Alcochete were involved in the visit of a natural site next to Fatima and enjoyed an exploration on Dinosaurus. Animals from very old times and caves.

Resultado de imagem para pedreira do galinha
portugal dicas

Resultado de imagem para grutas da serra d'aire e candeeiros

dimanche 10 juin 2018


In our website
First short-term exchange in Cluj-Napoca
from the 4th to the 8th of May.

Friday, 04.05: Opening festivity at the Botanical Garden in Cluj
                - classroom inclusion at Iulian Pop Economic Highschool in Cluj Napoca (personal presentation 
and video presentations on own regions)
Saturday, 05.05 Trip to Baisoara (for making films/reports on the area)
                - lunch in Baisoara
                - dinner in Cluj Napoca
Sunday, 06.05 Trip to Dragons'garden (for the contact with animal related myths and legends)
                    - lunch in Salaj county
                    - dinner in Cluj Napoca
Monday, 07.05 Discover the city of Cluj
                    - visit to the University of agricultural studies and veterinary medicine
                    - school activities: film presentations and attempt to achieve a common report
Tuesday, 08.05 Report achievement
                    ANIMAL MAGIC: surprise activity
                certificates delivery

Report and results very soon on our transnational spot on line and in the French local website 
(since Lycée Ravel is the coordinator of this project carrying out by four european High Schools)