samedi 22 août 2020


abstracts of IC  25

Since June 16, we know that the National Erasmus + Agency has accepted the derogatory extension of the duration of our partnership (range from 36 to 40 months) This is good news which allows us to hope to fully accomplish the plan of mobilities provided for in our application. In addition, French student volunteers who were participating in the project but who have to leave the school this summer - like all the French pupils involved in E+A from the Lycée Ravel - shot a draft of the film "THE ARK" so that our intellectual productions were completed in all cases (the movie will be finished during the C5 exchange if it can be maintained in accordance with our common intention).


After consulting the partner schools (by videoconference) today, it was agreed by the members of the partnership that the R5 sustainability seminar (transnational meeting without students), possibly scheduled for the end of July, would be postponed taking into account, first that the extension of the duration of the E + A project (Noah) beyond the month of August, its initial legal term, no longer requires anticipating the implementation of this mobility during the holidays (to avoid loss dedicated grants). In addition, that the local health situation of the meeting hosts is today questionable (Alcochete being in the immediate vicinity of Lisbon, where the authorities have decided to reconfigure the populations) And also because the freedom of movement of Bulgarians and Romanians is currently limited and the normal resumption of flights between these countries and Western Europe is not fully guaranteed by the autumn. 

DATE OF THE C5 IMPLEMENTATION : From the 12th to the 14th of October (the later moment possible, after a demand of French Authorities in order to avoid to organize the seminar in september).


Regarding the last exchange between students, the date already agreed has been confirmed (from 2 to 6 November in France) even if it is unfortunately possible that circumstances lead us to have to adjust it further (in the hypothesis of a second wave again leading to traffic restrictions).
We will do in this context a cinema poster design workshop (with the mission of making THE ARK film poster) and perhaps a little editing and postproduction as part of another workshop with a handful of students engaged if our experts can be present.