lundi 14 juin 2021



It is now possible to have a look over the project E+A implemented from 2017 to 2020 by visiting the special website published by the European Commission.

It was considered as a Good Practice Example.

E+A friends are invited to keep in touch in order to do further cooperative activities, using first eTwinning then other tools or a new European project! 

Let's have a talk about it asap we go back to school.

click above to see ^^ the files ^^ on the "europa" server

mercredi 21 avril 2021



Find all the outcomes on line (clicking on the picture below to have a look on the final reports). Now the cooperative activities will be supported in eTwinning!

dimanche 21 février 2021

E+A (Noah) partnership is ending.... THE IMPACTS BY DOBRITCH TEAM ; dissemination in Bulgaria

Final reports must be sent to the ERASMUS+ national agencies before the end of February and it's time for a global debriefing of our 3 years long partnership ERASMUSPLUSANIMALS. 

A presentation of outputs and outcomes of our cooperation was done in the local gazette (Dobrudja News). According to PGVM staff and students, the partnership was very successful! 

It means we were able to bypass the problems due to the Pandemic. Thanks for that to all people who did help the project holders, and especially to the students. A Youth Pass will be edit very soon in order to certificate how strong many of them were implicated in the achievement of our intellectual products (the main one is a Sci-Fi film you can see on line clicking here).

Les effets du projet semblent proches de ceux escomptés au départ :

progrès des compétences linguistiques et de la capacité à travailler en équipe

amélioration de l'autonomie et du sens des responsabilités des élèves

maîtrise plus grande des outils numériques et video

acquisition de connaissances historiques et scientifiques

participation à un débat sur la civilisation dans le cadre démocratique de l'Union Européenne

Local dissemination was made with the help of Hristo Milushev, the Bulgarian coordinator.