vendredi 15 novembre 2019

THE ARK complete narrative made by students (participants in C4 exchange)

Pupils involved in the study travel to Alcochete were supposed to imagine and write the missing scenes after the synopsis has been made last year and validated by teachers (in R4 meeting, in Romania). They have eventually decided to redo a complete synopsis (you can read it below) and have given a special task to do to Maria, from Cluj ; asking her to write the dialogues wich must be implemented in all the scenes.

It is possible that the dialogues will be published progressively in such a way as to allow all the partners to propose possible corrections and/or to keep in touch with both the writer and the expert during the production process.

Results of casting and writing workshops exposed to the project holders and students, 
in the morning of Day 5

Sequence 1 : introduction

we see images from now like it was in the past and we hear a Voiceover :
“In a future not far away, a big crises striked the world so hard that all the countries around the world united together in order to help eachother in this hard times. In a place that once has been called Europe, there is still good life for the richest people of the Earth while the poor people are struggling every day. Meanwhile there is a school that has a plan: building a spaceship in order to leave the planet in its fate, but there is one young woman called Sol9 which does not agree with humanity’s plan of salvation but she doesn’t know that yet.”

The Ark

Sequence 2 interior day , in the ark   

We are following sol9 and discovering her environment of work. 

(Describe the mood and feeling of the character and what the others are doing)

Sol 9 is entering the lab with a big smile on her face. She looks right and left intrigued, and stops her sight on Ova 7. Ova 7 is gently taking care of the animals in the cages. She smiles with compassion to them and pets their head. The dark cages contrast with the bright natural face of Ova. She shows a shy smile to Sol, then she returns to the animals. Sol ignores Ova’s smile.
The other people are minding their job working on the space project and don’t care about her entrance. Flo 9 is explains his plan at a board, 2  people pay attention. He is very confident and persuasive, drawing sketches on the board with a marker.
 he doesn’t look at Sol. But she is listening to him with attention.
Flo notices Sol with surprise and hurries to get to her.

Sequence 3- exterior - day - simulated beach (an artificial lab to be brought as a freight in the ark)

Sol and Flo are walking on the beach together. Flo is enthusiastic about his plan of exploring exoplanets. He is gesticulating freely and has very expensive and deep eyes. 
Sol is watching him interesting but it’s not convinced. She doesn’t agree with his point and tries to interrupt him several times, but he is too loud and grabs her shoulders and she gives up her initiative. 
After a moment, Sol erupts like crazy and points out very convincing that they should not leave earth. Her eyes are angry and her body is tensioned.
Flo looks at her with superiority and thinks she jokes. 
Sol tells him she doubts about going with him.
Flo gets angry and confused. They start throwing pebbles in the water as they argue. Flo is leaving the scene unexpectedly.
Sol meditates for 30 seconds, throws another pebble in the water then opens the door.

Sequence 4- interior day the ark

Sol has a very angry mood after the fight with Flo and comes to see Ova. At first she doubts she should talk with her, then she frankly goes directly to her and speaks about the  fight. 
Ova pays a lot of attention to her and comforts her with kindly looking into her eyes.
Sol sees the animals and the cages. She maintains a long look at them mesmerised. She is sorry for them.
Ova intuits what sol needs and encourages Sol to take a walk in the forest alone.

Sequence 5 - forest

Sol feels like home in the forest. Her feels sharpen. She closes her eyes and listens to the nature. She surprisingly hears a human voice asking for help.
She runs to help the animal. Sol is confused when she sees an animal instead of a human. 
She feels someone in the woods is watching her and frightens ( the family of the animal).
She makes a strong eye contact with the animal she found. Suddenly , she hears all the voices of the animals, understand them and goes crazy dizzy. 
She faints.

Ova comes to take care of her. Ova is concerned but happy Sol discovered her gift.

Sequence 6: exterior night

Flo is proudly walking the stairs into the ship. He seems really brave and excited. His eyes are looking into the gathering of people that came to see the launch. Flo starts desperately to search Sol’s eyes. He finds Ova’s eyes at first, gives a little harsh smile, then she founds Sol’s eyes. They connect and share a bound. They smile for 30 sec than suddenly and simultaneously turn their head to the ground and their faces show no expression.
Flo enters de spaceship determined and a little irritated. Sol follows his steps until the doors close.
Ova and Sol share a hand grab and watch the launch with sadness.

Sequence 7: exterior day

After some time, in the morning, a lot of people gather together to rescue and revitalise the Earth.
Ova and Sol are smiling and coordinating the people. 
They plant trees, they collect garbage etc.

Pictures with people rebuilding earth